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As a freelance Digital Developer I take on many and varied roles within many varied businesses. From week to week I could be filling in for an absent employee, taking on complete projects, becoming a regular asset for a business in times of tight deadlines or unexpected workloads. Whatever the need over the past five years I have become adept in entering a new work place with a professional attitude, scoping your needs, then hitting the ground running.

With each new role I get to work with my wide range of skills and every now and then need to develop a new one dependent on your needs. Recently I was required to learn Flash Builder to create a multi-platform mobile App; I did so with a great outcome, the project came in on budget and time making a smooth transition from development to release.


Below are a few links to some of my recept work. They use either clickTag or DoubleClick but have been modified so you are able to view the creative style. Although I have not worked with mediaMind / Eyeblaster my understanding is they are a similar to Google's DoubleClick. My main aim when developing banners is to get more bang for your buck by using AS3 to reduce file sizes and create stunning effects.



I’m regularly asked to create sitelets, usually with html/css/javascript but the first site I choose to show you is a Flash site I had to build for Lincon China in 2013. The end product was visually stunning and I still like to look at myself from time to time. Its was born from a HTML site using a sequence of images to create a sense of video animation, The power of the flash site is that it gives the user access to all content after initial load, then progressively loads the richer content.

Lincon Sitelet



The Challenge

If you're thinking about contacting me for possible work but are not quite convinced, challenge me to do something to my site to demostrate my ability to do what you need.
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