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Taking pride in being a dependable adaptable personable freelance developer.

Producing award winning digital content for over 12 years.

Collaborative Thinking

With time has come an understanding that digital development in not an exclusive role. It requires a partnership of ideas with designers, project managers and other developers. As a freelancer I seek to slot into your organization seamlessly and share any knowledge I have freely.

Creative Vision

Not only do I have a wide range of technical skills I take time to share in your creative vision. A perk of my work life is meeting many exceptional people and getting as much as I give out of the experience.

Papergrave the puzzle

Motion Graphics

Bringing your concepts to life with over 4 years experience creating animated videos. It's just a bonus that its fun as well.

Custom Solutions

Specializing in bespoke projects making you stand out from the crowd. Customization of templates such as Wordpress and just doing things that need to be done.

I'm ready and waiting to breath life into your ideas.

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I work onsite or offsite its up to you, my international clients understand that I can't be onsite ;)

Native Mobile Made Easy

Yes you can apply the design/animation work you have already done for other media to either short lived or long term mobile applications. Yes I can handle the admin and distribution for you. Yes a rich media experiences across all platforms. Make the most of your budget while getting high end results.

Creative Development

I'm a core developer, I try not to get caught up by the which is better argument ... professionally ;). I'm able to move and advise on your needs not my own. I take on your vision as if it was my own, I might gently prod you towards a better outcome.

Key Clients

A small sample of the great people I have worked with:

The LearningHook

Trickstar Games


Hardwire Agency

ABP Learning

Spark Green

Nine Lanterns


Rock Digital Agency

Grant Day James


just to name a few...

What Client’s Say