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One Special Night (1999).

Julie Andrews, James Garner. Christmas is a popular time of year for movie Doctors and in this gem, Julie is a white coated, E Type Jag driving hot doc to James Garner’s…well you know what James does, part Rockwell, part Maverick, all Christmas ham.

Running time 1:29:25

White Christmas (1954).

Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen, Rosemary Clooney.
According to Kate Bush, the Eskimo people have 33 names for snow. In this Christmas classic Bing, Danny, Vera and Rosemary Clooney (George’s aunt) have 2 minutes of song of praise for the powdery stuff. Comforting when it’s 40 degrees outside and the air con is on the blink.

Running time 1:54

A Princess for Christmas (2011).

Roger Moore, some guy who looks like Adrien Brody and some girl who looks like Anne Hathaway. Looking like the ghost of Christmas past, poor old Roger proves the old adage that old Bonds never die except in Christmas cable fodder. This stinker is redeemed with an appearance of Julie Andrew’s E Type Jag.

Running time 2:49.

Top 10 Christmas Movies (2012).

Michael S. Fields.
A true Christmas blockbuster from the YouTube Channel of BryanIsJustInsaneTv. Sadly only 192 views since it’s small screen debut and absolutely no comments, surely this is ripe for Adam Buxton to lampoon on Bug.

Running time 10:45

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).

Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaide.
Did someone say Lampoon? No holiday couch time would be complete without a liberal dose of the Griswold’s. And this is one of the best. Juliette Lewis laid the foundation for her Oscar nominated performance in Cape Fear with this outing…only kidding, she stinks as much as anyone in this.

Running time 2:22

The Christmas Blessing (2005).

Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Lowe.
Seemingly reprising his break out role as Doogie Howser MD, NPH loses a patient on the operating table in the first 3 minutes. Undo the belt a knotch to make room for extra Chrissy pud and try to stop being sick in your own mouth with this lost classic.

Running time 1:29:09

Wham – Last Christmas (1984).

George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, Kathy Hill.
This is fabled ‘Pudding Mix’ of one of the 80’s cheesiest Christmas concoctions. Keep an eye out for model Kathy Hill, she of the screaming red dress, she broke George’s heart and looks like young Andy is next.

Running time 6:45.

Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas? (1984).

Bob Geldof & friends.
George Harrison had done it first with his Concert for Bangladesh in 1971, but this single and the Live Aid concert to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia united the world like never before. It still gives us goosebumps.

Running time 4:38

USA for Africa – We are the world (1985).

Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie & Friends.
It’s said that the idea for USA for Africa came from Harry Belafonte. Wonder if he noticed the global impact of Live Aid six months before? America’s biggest pop names produce a record like only the Americans can.

Running time 8:00

Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody (1973).

Noddy, Dave, Jimmy & Don.
One of the biggest English band of the ‘70’s doing a uniquely English thing – a Christmas song. It went straight to number 1 its first week of release and stayed there until mid January. Lovely!

Running time 3:29

The Beatles Pantomine – Everywhere it’s Christmas (1966).

The Fab 4.
Another English tradition, the pantomine was given a distinctly Beatle treatment. Sent to members of their fan club on a 7” disc, this a treasure from a lost world.

Running time 6:46

A Ramsay Street Christmas (1999).

The Cast.
Not to be outdone in the ‘wishing fans a Merry Christmas’ stakes, Melbourne’s very own Neighbours recorded this gem, we suspect, while the taste police were on their lunch break. Still, ya gotta love Harold!

Running time 1:12

The Great Rupert (1950).

Jimmy Durante.
A squirrel becomes the guardian angel for an impoverished family just in time for Christmas by stealing the landlords' stash of cash. CGI this ain’t! Charming it is.

Running time 1:27:47

Black Christmas (1974).

Margot Kidder.
Pre-star turn in Superman, pre-loony tunes freak out and committal to psychiatric evaluation, Margot turned in a creepy performance in this tale of a sorority house terrorised and murdered during Christmas break. You’ll wish you were dead too.

Running time 1:37:49