• Social Media

    Social Media - Integrating Social Media Content

    Past projects have shown me that using social media content and functionality outside the base website is well supported. I have been able to intergrate social media content(Posts, Images etc etc) into rich media in a way that is seamless and unobtrusive to the user. With all types of social media competing for our attention it has become so much easier to go way beyond the "Like", "Share" options.

  • YouTube Skinning

    HTML5 - YouTube Skinning

    This takes me back to the good old days of HTML. The example below is a couple of years old but still works, but changes made by Youtube mean this example would need a little more polishing to bring it back to the original quality. It involved custom Javascript to detect YouTube pushing their video to the highest z-index. This experiment demostrated both the best and worst of relying on third party media.

    It should still work ;)
  • HTML5 - Canvas Animation/Interaction

    One of my first experiments using HTML Canvas to screate an animated and interactive experience.

    You should find this a little humorous.
  • Javascript - Light Weight Animation Lib

    I worked in digital advertizing for a few years mostly using Flash. When Industry change over to HTML5 happened I was put in the situation of creating the same empersive content with the same physical constraints(40kb later to be expanded to 100kb). Yes you might talk JQuery or many others but they in my opinion become bloated. So I created an compact extendable animation library. Blah yes coders do this all the time, this one focused on removing everything not used. But it's failing might be that it relies on a close Developer/Designer relationship.

  • Mobile - Apop

    I'll admit straight up this idea was born from the movie Moon and the character Gerty. It was not a way to replace human interaction rather a way to ease people back from various traumas back into the social world. It involves very basic emoticon type expressions and very simple interactions. Avoiding the "how to" world this would be a very simple idea of "Help yourself". I thought about how bad the self-help industry is and came up with a restrictive feedback model where the user s define their own expectations.

  • Mobile - Game AI

    I have to give credit the guys of 3DK(Dadhichi Desai and Ashley Norriss). We have spent many nights discussing gaming AI. We all accept the traditional notion of AI. We can all do the mechinics/code of it. To the shargrin of the 3DK I persued the idea of multi-level AI. Where every level of AI impacts on the AI below. The AI below another AI can chose it's own actions based on it's own self inetest.