Project Description

This project came out of the blue. I had done PC/PS3/XBOX UI before for other games years ago. It's where I had learn't to use my design skills along with my coding. I took the job on thinking it would be more of the same. But I discovered it actually was a great game. Better yet I would be working with REALLY good developers.

As the project progressed I was called upon to take on more of a designer/developer role(again). I was sold on the game so it did not phase me. Rebuilding lost parts of the UI and improving on buggy other parts gave me heart. Knowing what I was doing along with an understanding a little C++ let me talk a common langauge with the game engine devs. Together we improved the performance of the UI elements.

I could go on about challenges, rewards, etc, etc. But the pay off was seeing a really good game come to life with my fingerprints all over it. Kids look into Scaleform and Firestation(UBISOFT) they are still using it.

Some funny game footage.
  • Skills
    • Design / Artwork
    • Backend intergration
    • Flash / Animate CC
    • Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0
    • C++