Animated Biomedical Productions gave me the opportunity to work on a 3d medical sales / education App. The concept for the 3D was not true 3D but the displaying of rendered frames as this is how they had done it in the past. I did some research and testing on mobile devices using true 3D and the performance was great. I hope to build up a self funded prototype I can take back to them for the next iteration.


Most the work was done on the desktop version, so with little modification to the final version I was able to publish a IOS/Android App. As the prototype was for a fixed number of users I was able to give them instructions on how to install the App directly onto their chosen devices. It did lead to a little research into password protection and organisation specific distribution of Mobile Apps both of which are possible.

I had built prototypes with account management via online communication these new options gave me insights on how to deliver closed E-Learning content to organisations.