As I mentioned this App/Game was built because I had time on my hands, but also because I wanted to test some technical ideas. The basic idea was just as simple as a deck of cards with customizeable decks. The basic mechanics of shuffling and dealing evolved into backend generated language for custom game types but without rules or scoring. I would eventually split it into two version because of screen size, phones being to small to support realistic gameplay.


The main technical challenge for these Apps was server communication, content loading and storing on the device. I would eventually remove the working login system to go with a free content model where the user would receive updated data from the server. So as to compare with locally stored data to determine if there was any new content. If offline the App would default to the last update or default data. The content list would check which content bundles were present on the device and either give the user the option to choose one of the present content options or download new ones.