I'm using these two images because they pretty much sum up the life of a Freelancer :) If anyone objects please let me know and I will remove them immediately.

David Keys

Freelance Digital Developer


So now ... well I am loving motion graphics, but native mobile is where my heart is. I have my own self-funded Apps out there notably Creepy Ouija which has crazy user support. Don’t get me wrong building this site was heaps of fun and has made me rediscover HTML/JS/CSS/PHP. It's not that hard kids ;) I'm still learning and sharing my knowledge.

OMG I almost missed my greatest moment of 2015-2016, working on the HUD for Zombi, a port to PC/XBOX/PS4 from WiiU. I got to develop not only a Multilanguage interface but a multiplatform one. While i will take credit for a lot of the HUD success I can't ignore the great work of the high end devs, they babysat me through my baby steps into C++.

Hmm too many words, think I'll have to add a skills page :)

Not to long ago

I leave primary education and move into corporate where I created my first award winning E-Learing Product, Palya, later to be renamed as Buda Jitcha. It took education to indigenous people with their own faces and voices. The template I created went onto even greater success thanks to the work of Ashley Norris, Sam Hill, Brenden Lewis and Deach Desai. But my time was done before then as I moved onto freelance work. Firstly developing another two award winning courses then getting silent fame by creating kiosk installations for the Melbourne Museum (Dinosaur Walk touch screen Installation).

After that high point I expected to fade into world of the average, but was given more inspiration by yet another insightful person. From which came more awards.

The Past

A few years pass and I am enjoying my ignorant bliss, when my little brother shows me his new PC. More importantly a web page, it strikes me that it’s not a word doc like I remember the first HTML pages being. I pushed him aside and started coding/learning again. I decided I must have one of these "PCs". It is just a hobby I tell myself.

So still working and enjoying manual labour and especially the people I meet from so many cultures, I decide to go to University and learn more about what I have taught myself. It does not last long before a man I respect to this day "Micheal Pyor" hires me. I then work at Harcourt Education now Pearson Education for 5 years. The amazing thing about that time was the faith in new tech.

Ancient History

Yes I was one of those kids who was obsessed with the Atari 2600 and when the Tandy 500 came out I was in heaven. I know looking back that I should have been out playing sport and chasing girls, but BASIC was my love. So many hours spent learning code :). I then moved onto a commodore 64 when I should have known what a commodore car was. Ah discovering that code was about more than text was a golden time. But then comes along the internet, eh. Webpages are just word docs, I'm drawn towards IRC and quickly get snapped up channels (No not the seedy ones) to write custom scripts(reminds me of PHP). In those days there was no online money but ChanOps was of great value. Although you can only earn it so many times until you get bored. I don't know if Computer Science or Debating class taught me more, but I needed a break and headed off into the world of manual labour.

Update(04/04/2016): After writing this up I looked up intergrating IRC into a webpage and its been done ... yay. Now back to working on the real content of my site :)

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